Description of the action

The line is adapted to many sizes of semi-finished products. From the control panel, the operator selects the appropriate size of plates that are fed into the machine. Thanks to the constant pushing of the plates by a belt conveyor, the front to front feeding of the semi-finished product is maintained, which facilitates the entire machining process. After leaving the machine, the product is directed to the palletizing area. Completion of the entire layer is done as follows. As the product arrives at the barrier on the conveyor belt, it aligns itself by leaning against it. Then, after the entire layer is completed, it is levelled with pneumatic cylinders. The robot picks up and deposits the entire layer onto a pallet fed from pallet dispenser. The gripper is equipped with 3 vacuum mats. Each has an integrated pump. This gripper configuration, allows you to pick up any product in the layer.

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