Project premises

The task of the line is to create a system of internal transport of production materials placed on EUR-o pallets.

Pallets with the product through a system of conveyors and rail cart are delivered to the depalletising station at the four-side planer where they are processed. Empty pallets are transported to the product stacking station behind the planer. Processed pallets with stacked product go into a buffer warehouse. Rail carts are used to transport the pallets and deploy them around the warehouse. Pallet magazine is equipped with stacking and destacking option for empty pallets and a set of storage conveyors for pallets with processed product. Using a conveyor system, pallets with the product after the planer are transported to the formatting, drilling and milling line.

Empty pallets are returned to storage. Pallets with the finished product are transported to the storage conveyors where they go to the automatic fitting lines. Then the secured pallets are foiled and transported to the place where the operator takes them to the warehouse.

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